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hammer of doubt, power trip

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You’re not my fucking friend

You stab me in the back

Your words uncovered

As lies and attacks

Think before you speak

Stay out of my way

Put my trust in you

This is the price I pay

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whats better than this

guys being dudes

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bttr rvls

Anonymous said: I want to put out a record for my friends' band. What's the best way to go about this?


  1. They record. You pay for it or you don’t. If you don’t, you don’t own the recording. If you do pay for it, you own the recording. 
  2. You have it mastered (for vinyl and digital). You can pay $0 per song or $1000 per song or anywhere in between. Your call. 
  3. Choose a pressing plant. Some do more for you than others. Some have better customer service. Some are closer to your house and cost less in shipping. They all mostly make your life hard. 
  4. Decide how many you’d like to press. You think fewer makes more sense because you don’t want to pay a lot and you don’t want to sit on copies forever. But if you press too few, you’re unable to make your money back. Remember you’re not hand-selling every copy for $5. You’re selling many to distros for a wholesale price. 
  5. You send it to the pressing plant along with a good chunk of money. Every choice you make adds a few hundred bucks. Do you want full-size inserts? Could’ve saved a hundred bucks if you went 4x6 and had them printed elsewhere. Do you want three colors of vinyl? Oh shit, you want marbled vinyl? Add x amount of money and anything is yours. 
  6. Wait forever. 
  7. Get test presses back. Make the band listen to them. You listen to them. Does it sound good? Does it skip? Either approve or reject. 
  8. Wait forever. 
  9. Give the band 10% or more, depending on your agreement. If you didn’t pay for the recording, throw them more.
  10. Beg distros to take copies, because your life will truly suck a cock if they don’t. 
  11. Beg the band to tour, because you’re life will truly suck the biggest cock if they don’t. 
  12. Die in poverty. 


It’s no fun being the post-modern posterchild
when no one knows what that is

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I held your hand in ritual to show disarming
while you were a weapon inside yourself
inside your body.
I can’t pretend
I can’t concealed my apprehension.
While pressed against the callous of your palm
I reconciled
because you couldn’t feel me there

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yo who’s @ the forsaken/xrepentancex/renounced all-dayer on sunday?



Chain Of Strength - What Holds Us Apart

It’s a pain inside that wont go away

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